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In need of a cleaning lady in Paris 7?

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  • Professional cleaning agents
  • 50% tax credit (from €9/h)
  • Non-binding contract

How to book your cleaning in Paris 7?


Choose the duration of your cleaning along with your desired date, time, frequency and extras. We will find a qualified cleaning agent near you who will best meet your expectations.


The secure payment will be carried out after each cleaning. We authorise the payment on your card beforehand to ensure the validity of your credit card.


Sit back and relax. Your home is cleaned by trained professionals, according to your needs.

What you benefit from Batmaid in Paris 7

batmaid service
batmaid service
Professional and qualified employees
Experienced cleaning agents
Close attention to detail
Hand-picked agents
batmaid service
batmaid service
A tailor-made offer, adapted to your needs
Personalised services
Free cancellation up to 48h before your cleaning
Non-binding contract
batmaid service
batmaid service
Dedicated customer service
Personalised follow-up
Processing of requests within 48h
Reactivity and flexibility assured

Enjoy our cleaning services in Paris!

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batmaid service
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batmaid service
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Why Batmaid?

„The word "Batmaid" is a way for us to evoke the heroes of the shadows, who do a fantastic job every day in difficult conditions and take care of our homes. Their passion for their work and commitment is something we want to highlight. By choosing Batmaid, you're bringing more justice to the home cleaning industry.”

Andreas Schollin-Borg, CEO of Batmaid

Batmaid in video

We make cleaning fun!

Ready to become a professional cleaning agent in Paris 7?

"While employed by Batmaid I can work with private or end-of-tenancy clients in regions and times of my choice!"

Julia DS - Batmaid cleaning professional

Home cleaning Paris 7

Why choose to delegate your home cleaning in Paris 7?

Are you tired of wasting precious time every week vacuuming and mopping? How about finally enjoying a spotless interior with peace of mind? Whether you need a regular cleaning or occasional help with your spring cleaning, at Batmaid you benefit from a complete home cleaning service tailored to your needs.

From floor cleaning to home ironing, we offer cleaning services that are perfectly suited to your needs throughout Île-de-France. You choose the duration, frequency and extras, such as cleaning windows or inside of the refrigerator cleaning. Take advantage of our professional and reliable cleaning service.

Do you live in the 7th arrondissement of Paris and would like to delegate your household chores to a trusted service provider? Don’t look any further! Whether you are near the Place du Palais-Bourbon or in the Invalides or École Militaire districts, we have qualified cleaning employees to meet all your expectations.

How to book a home cleaning service in Paris 7?

With Batmaid, schedule your cleaning hours in the Paris area with ease. Fill out our form in a few clicks, discover the rates corresponding to your request, and validate! All you have to do is wait for our cleaning employees to arrive. Moreover, thanks to our dedicated mobile application, you can easily manage your reservations at any time. We offer home cleaning services for all types of accommodations in Paris in the 75007 and in all other districts. Moreover, by entrusting our teams with the maintenance of your home, you can benefit from a tax credit with a tax deduction of 50% of the costs related to your cleaning lady. Would you like more information about our cleaning services? Contact Batmaid customer service now!