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How to book your cleaning service in Lyon 8?


Choose the duration of your cleaning, the frequency, date, time slot and the additional services you would like to book. We will find a qualified cleaner near your area, who will best meet your expectations.


Payment will be made securely after each cleaning. We only validate the payment in advance, to ensure the validity of your credit card.


Relax and enjoy your free time! Come back to a freshly cleaned home, thanks to our cleaning professionals.

What we offer you in Lyon 8

batmaid service
batmaid service
Professional and qualified employees
Experienced cleaning agents
Close attention to detail
Hand-picked agents
batmaid service
batmaid service
A tailor-made offer, that meets your needs
Personalised services
Free cancellation up to 48h before your cleaning
Non-binding contract
batmaid service
batmaid service
Dedicated customer service
Personalised follow-up
Processing of requests within 48hrs
Reactivity and flexibility assured

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Why Batmaid?

„The word "Batmaid" is a way for us to evoke the heroes of the shadows, who do a fantastic job every day in difficult conditions and take care of our homes. Their passion for their work and commitment is something we want to highlight. By choosing Batmaid, you're bringing more justice to the home cleaning industry.”

Andreas Schollin-Borg, CEO of Batmaid

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We make cleaning fun!

Ready to become a cleaning expert in Lyon 8?

"While employed by Batmaid I can work with private or end-of-tenancy clients in regions and times of my choice!"

Julia DS - Batmaid cleaning professional

Home cleaning Lyon 8

Is your home in the eighth district of Lyon getting dusty? And when you come home from work each evening, you no longer have the energy to undertake a major cleaning. We feel you. And the good news is that you can easily solve the problem by calling on the services of a professional cleaning company who will offer you high-quality cleaning services that meet your needs.

Why choose to delegate your cleaning in Lyon 8?

You live at a frenetic pace between work, which takes up long hours every week, your family or friends with whom you want to spend as much time as possible, and sports, cultural or associative activities, outings with friends, etc. With such a schedule, it is often difficult to find time for your household chores.

To carry on with your work without worrying about the cleanliness of your home, you can easily call on the services of a cleaning agent. A professional cleaning agent will take good care of your home by using dedicated techniques and know-how for an efficient and high-quality cleaning. At Batmaid, the services of our cleaning and ironing experts are affordable and available in Lyon 8, but also in the other districts of the city and the neighbouring towns: Villeurbanne, Vaulx-en-Velin or Bron for example.

Which qualities must the cleaning agent posses?

Wherever you live and whatever the size of your accommodation - from a small flat to a large house - the Batmaid professional who will come to clean your home will be able to quickly evaluate the premises to prioritise the tasks that you will entrust to them in the most efficient way possible. You will be able to notice their experience and their professionalism from the first session. Depending on your furniture, floors and objects you own, the cleaning agent who comes to your home in Lyon 8 will know how to adapt the cleaning products and techniques they use to take the utmost care of your home.

You can also count on the discretion of the person who will do the cleaning or ironing: at Batmaid, our professionals are used to working in homes where people are present at any time of the day. Whether you’re spending time with your family, taking a nap or working, the cleaning agent will do everything possible to avoid disturbing you. Alternatively, you may decide to have your cleaner intervene during your working hours. Again, all of our cleaning experts are reliable and trustworthy and will take good care of your home while you are away.

What types of cleaning services are available in Lyon 8?

Whether you live in Lyon 8, in another district of the city or in a neighbouring town such as Villeurbanne or Bron, Batmaid offers several options to best suit your needs. One of them is very popular with individuals who are preparing to move out from a rented flat. Batmaid offers an end-of-tenancy cleaning service to make sure you’ll get your deposit back safely while returning your rented flat to an optimal state of cleanliness.

Our most popular service remains the home cleaning service, which can be customised to your needs. Indeed, when choosing to delegate your cleaning to our experts, you can customise your cleaning to make sure it fits your needs.

First of all, you can choose your desired frequency for your cleaning in Lyon 8: the larger your home, the more frequent your cleaning. Another option to choose from is the duration of each session, depending on the tasks you wish to entrust to your cleaner. The frequency and duration of the cleaning sessions can also be adjusted according to economic criteria: if you have a tighter budget, you can opt for a standard cleaning service that allows you to enjoy a freshly clean home without spending too much. Finally, with Batmaid, you can choose the day and time of your cleaner's intervention according to your availability. All these criteria can be modified free of charge over time if your needs change; up to 48 hours before the execution of your cleaning.

How do I book my home cleaning service in Lyon 8?

Whether you live in Lyon 8 or elsewhere, booking your cleaning service with Batmaid has never been easier. The first step is to draw up a list of the tasks you wish to entrust to your future cleaning agent: ironing, laundry, kitchen or bathroom, oven, fridge or window cleaning, floor cleaning, etc.

Those details can be added right after you entered your postal code, once you reach our dedicated booking page. You will be able to select the additional services you would like to book and our online calculator will help you estimate the duration of your cleaning as well as the frequency with which the cleaning professional will take care of your home.

As an example, a complete cleaning in a flat of about fifty square meters takes at least two hours. This time will increase if you have a pet, or if you want your cleaning to take care of additional tasks, such as oven or fridge cleaning. Ironing takes about ten minutes for a shirt, and five minutes for trousers. Once you have booked the service online or on our app, the confirmation is immediate and the payment will be executed after each cleaning. We only authorise the payment in advance to ensure the validity of your card.