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How to book your cleaning service in Lyon 7?


Choose the duration of your cleaning, the frequency, date, time slot and the additional services you would like to book. We will find a qualified cleaner near your area, who will best meet your expectations.


Payment will be made securely after each cleaning. We only validate the payment in advance, to ensure the validity of your credit card.


Relax and enjoy your free time! Come back to a freshly cleaned home, thanks to our cleaning professionals.

What we offer you in Lyon 7

batmaid service
batmaid service
Professional and qualified employees
Experienced cleaning agents
Close attention to detail
Hand-picked agents
batmaid service
batmaid service
A tailor-made offer, that meets your needs
Personalised services
Free cancellation up to 48h before your cleaning
Non-binding contract
batmaid service
batmaid service
Dedicated customer service
Personalised follow-up
Processing of requests within 48hrs
Reactivity and flexibility assured

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Why Batmaid?

„The word "Batmaid" is a way for us to evoke the heroes of the shadows, who do a fantastic job every day in difficult conditions and take care of our homes. Their passion for their work and commitment is something we want to highlight. By choosing Batmaid, you're bringing more justice to the home cleaning industry.”

Andreas Schollin-Borg, CEO of Batmaid

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We make cleaning fun!

Ready to become a cleaning expert in Lyon 7?

"While employed by Batmaid I can work with private or end-of-tenancy clients in regions and times of my choice!"

Julia DS - Batmaid cleaning professional

Home cleaning Lyon 7

Do you live in the 7th district of Lyon and don't have time to take care of your cleaning and ironing? By contacting Batmaid, you are guaranteed to find an efficient and reliable cleaner.

Why choose to delegate your home cleaning in Lyon 7?

The days go by and you regularly pass by the hoover and the broom without taking the time to grab them for a cleaning session? With busy weeks, it is sometimes difficult to take good care of your home. Fortunately, professional cleaning agents are there to help you with your cleaning tasks. If you live in Lyon 7 or any other district of the city, you can easily book a cleaning service via Batmaid to make your floors shine, dust your furniture and reduce the pile of your ironing basket.

By delegating your cleaning to a professional, you can be sure that your home will be in the best possible state of cleanliness without having to contort yourself to clean under the carpet or behind the cupboards. These experts know all the techniques for an efficient and thorough cleaning. You won’t have to dedicate your free time and weekend to cleaning: you can finally enjoy these moments with complete peace of mind, knowing that someone will take good care of your home.

What qualities must a cleaning agent posses?

In Lyon 7 as well as in the other districts of the city or the surrounding towns such as Villeurbanne, Bron or Vaulx-en-Velin, the cleaning professionals who work for Batmaid have extensive experience which enables them, from their first cleaning at your home, to identify the different tasks to be carried out and to carry them out with the utmost attention while taking good care of your home. The cleaning agent who will intervene in your home will be able to quickly adapt the cleaning products and techniques to the materials present in your home. They will be discreet enough to carry out the work efficiently, but without disturbing you if you are present at home.

Another essential quality that all Batmaid professionals working in Lyon 7 possess is that they will quickly gain your trust thanks to their professionalism. You can therefore entrust them with your home with complete peace of mind when you are away. If you want a cleaning agent to come to your home regularly - between once a week and every two weeks - we guarantee that the same cleaning agent will always come to your home each time: it will be easier for you to establish a relationship of trust with them.

What types of cleaning services are available in Lyon 7?

Whether you live in Lyon 7, in another part of the city or in the surrounding area, Batmaid offers you different cleaning services to meet all your needs. First, a standard home cleaning service for private individuals that you can adjust according to your needs. Secondly, a specific service dedicated to end-of-tenancy cleaning that allows you to return your home in an optimal state of cleanliness, which will allow you to receive your rental deposit back.

The first option is the most popular, mostly because we propose a flexible service that can be customised to your needs. Whether you live alone in a small flat in Lyon 7 or have a large family home in Bron, your needs will differ. When booking a service with Batmaid, you can choose your desired frequency, the number of hours needed, any additional service for a more thorough cleaning and your preferred date and time. This way, we can ensure that the service fits your schedule and meets your expectations.

Don’t worry, the frequency and duration can be adapted over time according to your needs. Indeed, you can edit or cancel a cleaning free of charge at least 48 hours before your scheduled cleaning.

How do I book a home cleaning service in Lyon 7?

Do you want to book cleaning or ironing services with Batmaid for your home in Lyon 7? First of all, define your cleaning needs: ironing, laundry, kitchen or bathroom, window cleaning, oven, fridge or floor cleaning, etc. Other details must be taken into accounts, such as the size of your home and the amount of time each room will need to be cleaned. Cleaning a bathroom or kitchen from top to bottom takes longer than vacuuming a living room.

As an example, it will take about two hours a week for a flat of about fifty square metres in Lyon 7 and at least twice that for a house with five to six rooms. You can also ask our professionals to carry out a more thorough cleaning, which includes cleaning the cupboards, oven or fridge. For each cleaning extra booked, it will add between 30 minutes to one hour per extra, depending on your choices. The amount of hours needed for your ironing depends on the number of people living in your home and the number of clothes you have. You should consider at least ten minutes for a shirt and between five to ten minutes for bedsheets.

Once you have decided on the duration and frequency, you can book your cleaning online via our website or our app. The payment is securely made and will be executed at the end of each cleaning.