How to clean a shag carpet?

March 22nd at 9:39pm

Shag rugs are known for their great comfort, but also for their ability to soak up all the dust that gets on the floor. This is why it is essential to regularly clean your shag carpet.

To do so, you must follow a certain method to not damage or deform the carpet. For example, it is important not to use the maximum power level of your hoover, as this could pull out the carpet pile.

How to clean a pile carpet with soapy water?

This is the most common method to clean a shag carpet.

Get a bucket and fill it with warm water. Add a few drops of dish liquid and mix well. Then take a sponge or microfibre cloth and soak it in soapy water. The carpet should then be rubbed gently with the damp sponge, concentrating on the dirtiest areas. Do not hesitate to make several rounds, using circular motions.

Once you have finished cleaning the entire surface of the carpet, rinse thoroughly with clean water. You can then let the shag carpet air dry, or use a hair dryer to accelerate the process. You can also soak up as much residual water as possible with a terry towel. Repeat the operation regularly, so that your carpet retains its beautiful original colours and stays in good condition for many years.

How do I use baking soda or soda crystals to clean a shag carpet?

Baking soda is known to revive the colours of damaged carpets. Start by covering the entire surface of your carpet with sparkling water, using a sponge. Scrub very gently with a soft brush and leave to dry for half an hour. Sprinkle baking soda all over the carpet, leave for a few moments, and then vacuum it up.

You can also use soda crystals to clean a shaggy carpet. This is a very effective solution for particularly dirty carpets. To prepare your mixture, dilute one cup of soda crystals in 1 litre of warm water. Then dip a sponge into the solution and rub the stains with it. Leave it to rest, then rinse with clean water using another sponge.

Can I wash a shag carpet with a steam cleaner?

A steam cleaner is a great device for cleaning a shaggy carpet. It is the ideal solution to clean your carpet thoroughly.

To do this, fill the tank of the steam cleaner with cold or hot water. The steam cleaner combines a brush tip and steam, which loosens stains and removes all the dust within the carpet. Once the steam cleaner has been applied to the carpet, rinse it with clean water using a damp cloth. All that's left to do is vacuum the entire surface.

How to clean a wool carpet without damaging it?

Wool carpets require special treatment. It is indeed a natural fibre, which could be damaged if not cleaned properly.

Wool quickly accumulates dust mites and bacteria, and it is essential to wash this type of carpet very regularly. If you want to dust it, simply vacuum the carpet without setting it to the maximum setting. Do not use the hoover nozzle with the brush either, as this could damage the fibres.

To clean stains on a wool carpet, it is advisable to dab them with a cloth soaked in white vinegar and cold water. Be careful not to rub, as this will spread the stains even further! Simply leave it on for a few moments.

Good to know: you should not pour too much water on a wool carpet.

How to use terre de Sommières to clean a shaggy carpet?

Terre de Sommières is natural clay, known for its degreasing properties on textiles. It is very effective in removing stains that pollute a shag carpet.

To use it properly, sprinkle the terre de Sommières over the entire surface of the carpet. Do not rub; simply leave it on overnight. The Sommières clay will work throughout the night, absorbing the stains and dirt.

The next morning, use a soft brush to scrub the entire carpet, then vacuum your floor. This will remove all the soil, dirt and dust that has soaked into the carpet during the night.

This is a very economical natural solution that you can repeat as often as you like.