How to clean a mattress?

March 22nd at 9:39pm

Snuggling up in a cosy bed that is freshly clean is a great feeling. For hygienic reasons, it is recommended to clean your sheets once a week. But what about the mattress? Over the years, your mattress tends to get dirty, which is why it is advised to wash your mattress whenever necessary.

How to wash a mattress properly?

Cleaning a mattress cannot be improvised. It is a question of adopting the right technique and the right products to clean your mattress quickly, efficiently and without damaging it.

What is the right way to clean your mattress?

First of all, avoid soaking your mattress at all costs by pouring water or any other liquid on it. Your mattress may become soaked and may not dry in time. This could also cause unsightly large stains.

To clean your mattress, you can use :

  • A flannel;
  • A sponge;
  • A soft brush.

Soak your sponge, brush or glove in a warm foaming solution and wring out your chosen tool as much as possible to avoid soaking your mattress.

Make sure you clean the entire surface of your mattress evenly so that you don't create any rings when drying.

Once you have finished cleaning, blot your mattress with a dry cloth, such as a towel, and leave it to dry for at least half a day.

Finally, remember to clean your mattress on a warm or sunny day. This will allow your mattress to dry quicker.

What products to use to clean your mattress

You can use several types of household products to clean a mattress effectively. The main element is to use a warm, foaming solution.

For example, you can pour 10 drops of dishwashing liquid into a litre of hot water. To improve the cleaning power of your solution, add 40cl of white vinegar.

To give your mattress a light scent, you can choose a household vinegar with a lemon or floral scent. For a more intense scent, pick the essential oil of your choice. Lavender oil, for example, is known for its relaxing properties, an ideal scent for a peaceful sleep! Three drops of lavender essential oil are enough to perfume your foaming solution.

Grandma's tips to perfectly clean your mattress

It may seem complex to fight against stubborn stains and bad odours from your mattress, but adopting the right actions and tools can make the task much easier!

How to remove bad odours from a mattress

As the years go by, your mattress may suffer from natural wear and tear. But how can you fight bad odours?

To remove unpleasant odours from your mattress, use talcum powder or baking soda and proceed according to the dry cleaning method. The sanitising power of baking soda will quickly neutralise the bad odours of your mattress. Talcum powder does not have the same cleaning power, but it does have the advantage of slightly perfuming the fabrics. Sprinkle baking soda evenly over the entire surface of your mattress and leave it on for about 6 hours. When it's done, remove the excess baking soda by hand and then vacuum your mattress thoroughly.

How to remove stains from a mattress

Wear and tear on a mattress commonly results in stains on its surface. A spilt cup of coffee during breakfast in bed? A sweat stain that you would like to see disappear forever? Don't panic, your mattress can be restored to its former glory thanks to the stain-removing properties of various household products.

The traditional stain removers sold in shops in the form of foam, powder or spray are relatively effective. But you should know that there are cleaning products in your cupboards with unsuspected stain-removing properties!

To remove blood stains, avoid hot water at all costs and use hydrogen peroxide. This solution can be found in pharmacies at a low price and is extremely effective.

Marseille soap also has a strong stain-removing power! It is ideal for quickly removing rings and sweat stains. Lather your soap with warm water and leave it on for a few minutes to wash your mattress effortlessly! To remove a coffee stain from your mattress, simply use a glove or sponge soaked in rubbing alcohol. Rinse with water and dry with a dry cloth, the stain is gone!