How to clean a fridge?

March 22nd at 9:39pm

Cleaning your fridge regularly is essential to ensure your home remains hygienic and healthy. Bacteria and mould can quickly grow in an untidy environment, causing illness or food poisoning. Get into the habit of washing the inside of your fridge at least twice a month.

Don't know how to do it? Here are some tips on how to clean your fridge with natural products.

How often should you clean your fridge?

It is recommended to clean the inside of your fridge at least once every fortnight. Bacteria do indeed proliferate very quickly in this area and must be eliminated regularly to avoid causing bad smells or food poisoning.

Of course, as soon as the food is mouldy or out of date, it should be thrown away. You should also get into the habit of wiping the shelves of the fridge with a sponge soaked in soapy water. As for the outside of the fridge, wash it at least once a month. Don't forget the gaskets that ensure the appliance is watertight, and also remember to clean the handle well.

Is it important to defrost your fridge?

It is essential to defrost your fridge regularly to keep it working properly. Frost forms inside this household appliance as soon as moisture gets inside: when you open the door, for example, to store food.

In addition, the products stored inside the fridge release moisture as well, which gradually leads to frost. This frost then accumulates on the fridge’s walls, causing a reduction in heat transfer between the air inside the fridge and its refrigeration system. This forces the appliance to work harder to stay at the right temperature, damaging its motor and using more energy.

How to clean a fridge with baking soda?

Baking soda is a useful ingredient for cleaning and disinfecting the inside of the fridge.

To use it, put 3 tablespoons of spirit vinegar and 3 tablespoons of baking soda in a container. Also pour in 1 litre of hot or lukewarm water (the temperature should not exceed 60°). Mix these ingredients to make a highly effective cleaning product to clean the inside of your refrigerator. Then take a sponge, soak it in the solution, and gently rub the walls and shelves of the fridge.

When you have finished cleaning, rinse with clear, warm water.

Can bleach be used to clean a fridge?

Bleach is very useful for cleaning a very dirty fridge and removing any bad smells.

Turn off the appliance, then take out all the shelves. Prepare a mixture of water and bleach, using a ratio of a quarter glass of bleach to one litre of water. Then take a soft microfibre cloth, dip it in the mixture, and wipe it gently over the shelves and the inside of the refrigerator.

Then leave the appliance open for 5 minutes, rinse with clean water, leave to dry and then plug it back in.

How to arrange the inside of the fridge to make it easier to clean?

Save time and make your life easier while cleaning your fridge by optimising its storage.

For example, consider removing the cardboard packaging from yoghurt, cottage cheese and compotes before putting them in the fridge. This will save space and limit the spread of bacteria.

As for the crisper, protect it with a cloth or tissue. Place a few tissues in the bottom before storing your fruit and vegetables. This way, they will not be in direct contact with the fridge’s walls, and they won’t spoil as quickly.

As for leftovers and half-finished food, put them in Tupperware. This way, they won't give off bad smells and they won't be compromised by the smells of other dishes. You can also put cheese in a dedicated box.

How to clean the outside of the fridge?

To remove all the greasy fingerprints and dirt that pollute the outside of your fridge, take a soft cloth or microfiber wipe, and soak it with a few drops of white vinegar. Then rub the outside of your fridge in circular motions to remove any unwanted marks.

This is a very effective and economical solution for both plastic and stainless steel fridges. Don't hesitate to use white vinegar several times on the cloth. It will only take a few rounds, without even pressing, for all the stains to be removed. You can clean the handle in the same way. Take the opportunity to move the fridge slightly to wash what's underneath: it's usually a real dust bath!