How to clean windows?

March 22nd at 9:39pm

When they are perfectly cleaned, your windows enhance your home and give it a sparklingly clean look. Poorly maintained windows can draw attention, block the light and give a very bad impression to visitors. Fingerprints and dust are hard to deal with, especially when you have children and several large windows! Without the right solutions, cleaning windows can become a horrendous chore. But using the right tools and techniques can change your life! So how do you clean windows quickly and effortlessly? We will explain it all to you!

The right tools for cleaning windows

It is normal to wonder how to clean windows, especially because there is a multitude of tools on the market designed for this purpose. In this sense, there are several principles.

First, paper towels - which do not leave any traces - can be particularly effective. But you have to resort to using a huge amount of paper to clean each window on each side: a solution that is both uneconomical and environmentally unfriendly. The best alternative to paper towels is the microfibre cloth. Its softness and unique texture will clean your windows, for a quick and optimal result!

In case you don't have a cloth at hand, use a newspaper. Did you know that printing ink is particularly effective at making glass shine? It's a great way to recycle your old newspapers and a great way to make your windows shine!

The most important tool is the glass scraper. Use it for your large glass surfaces, bay windows or shower cubicle, for example, to get a clean result in no time!

The right products for window cleaning

There are dozens of different household products for your window cleaning. Obviously, the traditional window cleaner spray is a safe bet. But there are unsuspected cleaning products in your cupboards that are highly effective as well!

White vinegar is a must, and particularly effective when it comes to cleaning windows. It avoids leaving traces during cleaning and removes stains very quickly.

Are you running out of white vinegar and wondering how to clean your windows? Don't panic. Dilute a few drops of dishwashing liquid in hot water. Use a cloth soaked in this solution to clean your windows effortlessly.

For impeccable windows, don't hesitate to use baking soda! A versatile household product, baking soda allows you to obtain a perfect result without having to scrub! Dilute 40g of baking soda in a litre of water and pour this solution into a spray bottle for greater convenience.

Adopt the right gestures for a professional result

How can you clean windows efficiently, without leaving traces and without getting tired? We will explain it all to you.

To clean your windows properly, it is essential to proceed logically, step by step:

  • Dusting;
  • Spray with your desired product or use a soaked cloth;
  • Proceed with circular movements from top to bottom;
  • If you are using a window squeegee: sweep your window in large circles to avoid leaving marks

Dusting the tiles is a key step. Use a soft cloth to remove dust and dirt residues from the glass and window frames. To obtain a perfect result, remember to adopt certain standard gestures.

First, it is important to work from the top to avoid dirt falling onto the cleaned areas.

Also, make sure that you start cleaning from the outside of the window. Starting with the dirtiest side allows you to remove most of the dirt from the beginning and observe your progress more accurately and not miss any spots.

Finally, remember to check the weather before you start cleaning your windows. A warm or sunny day will help your windows dry more quickly, while a light rainstorm can ruin your efforts in no time.