How to clean silverware?

March 22nd at 9:39pm

Often handed down from generation to generation and intended for special occasions, silverware rarely comes out of the cupboards. A special occasion is approaching, and you've decided to finally get your silverware out? But you realize that over time your silverware has oxidized and turned black? Here are some tips on how to take care of this.

How do I clean silverware with aluminium foil?

Yes, you read that right, it is possible to clean silverware with aluminium foil! The aluminium foil will attract oxidation. This economical solution is surprisingly effective. To carry out this trick, here is what you need:

  • A salad bowl or a deep enough dish;
  • A sheet of aluminium foil;
  • Hot water;
  • Baking soda;
  • Chamois leather (optional).

Now let's see how to clean silverware with aluminium foil. First, line the bowl with the foil. Then fill it with boiling water and two tablespoons of baking soda. Dip your dirty silverware into the bowl. If the silver objects are slightly oxidized, then 30 seconds in this bath will do. If traces remain after 30 seconds, you can leave them in for a few minutes longer. Finally, rinse and dry your silverware with chamois leather or a dry cloth to make it shine.

This is a very simple solution to make your silverware shine again without having to resort to toxic products!

How to clean silverware with natural products?

There are many products available for cleaning silver. But most of them are irritating and even carcinogenic. Why risk your health when natural products are just as effective?

White vinegar

White vinegar is undoubtedly one of the most used products by ecological cleaning enthusiasts. And for good reason, it is highly efficient as a stain remover, cleaner, degreaser and descaler. In short, it is a multipurpose product. Let's see how to clean silverware with white vinegar. The recipe is very simple:

  • Take a bowl;
  • Fill it with half water and half white vinegar;
  • Let your silver objects soak in it for as long as necessary;
  • Rinse;
  • Dry with a soft cloth.

Always dilute the vinegar, as it can damage even the most delicate silverware if used undiluted.

Meudon white

Meudon white is a powder that originally came from the chalk quarries in the Paris region. It is a multipurpose, economical and ecological cleaning product. To clean silverware with Meudon white, proceed as follows:

  • Take a container;
  • Add one dose of Meudon white and half a dose of water;
  • Mix and apply on the dirty silver;
  • Use a toothbrush if necessary;
  • Allow to dry;
  • Scrub to remove the paste.

Tip: Meudon white is also effective on stainless steel, pewter and copper! It is also very useful for cleaning mirrors, whitening joints and degreasing a hotplate.

Black soap

Black soap, made of olive oil and vegetable soda, is used to gently clean silverware and other objects that have become black over time. To clean silverware with black soap, here is the method:

  • Take a container;
  • Mix 2 tablespoons of black soap in 500 ml of warm water;
  • Soak your silverware as long as necessary;
  • Rinse and dry with a soft chamois cloth (or any other soft cloth).

Cleaning silver with black soap is not only effective but also environmentally friendly and economical.

How to clean silver with kitchen ingredients?

Cleaning silver with kitchen ingredients? Yes, you can! What is small, yellow or green, and acidic? Lemon, of course! Lemon is also one of the most important ingredients for cleaning your home in an environmentally friendly way. Its deoxidizing properties make it a great weapon against oxidized and blackened silverware. Cleaning silver with lemon is easy. Soak your silver objects in a bath of hot water with two tablespoons of lemon juice overnight.

Are you a zero-waste person? You'll love this other tip! You can easily clean silverware with... potato cooking water! The starch in the potato cooking water will naturally make your silverware shine and remove the black deposit. The method is simple. Soak your silverware overnight in the potato water, rinse and dry with a cloth. Your silverware will be as good as new!

Tip: potato cooking water is also very effective for scrubbing floors!

Discover in video, all our tips to make your silverware shine!