How to remove paint from clothing?

March 22nd at 9:39pm

Whether you like to paint from time to time or you are a professional painter, you've probably gotten a paint stain on your clothes. Fortunately, there are several solutions to fix this! It not only depends on the type of paint used but also on the type of fabric. Find out how to deal with it if you are covered in stains after repainting your room!

How to remove a paint stain from synthetic fabric or cotton?

If you get a water-based paint stain (acrylic paint, for example) on cotton, linen or synthetic garment, you will have no difficulty cleaning it. It is a paint that comes off very easily. If you have just made the stain, immerse your garment in a basin of hot water, then rub with Marseille soap. On the other hand, if the stain has already dried, leave the fabric in a bath of soapy water for several hours. The paint will gradually soften, and you can remove it by rubbing it gently. If the stain is very old, household alcohol will be very effective.

If the stain is oil-based, use cotton wool soaked in white spirit. After dipping the cotton wool in the cleaning solution, rub it gently against the stain to remove as much paint as possible. Then put the garment in the machine on a normal cycle.

How to clean paint from leather?

Have you just stained your favourite leather trousers with acrylic paint? No need to panic! Simply rub the stain with a cotton or microfiber cloth soaked in soapy water. Then let it air dry or use a hair dryer to remove any remaining water from the leather. If the stain is caused by oil paint, use turpentine instead. Gently pour a few drops onto a cloth, then rub the stained area until it regains its original colour. It is advisable to test the stain on an inconspicuous part of the garment to ensure that the turpentine does not damage the leather.

After cleaning the paint stain, you can let it air dry.

How to remove paint stain from jeans

To clean a paint stain from jeans, you will only need a spoon or a round-tipped knife, and white spirit. Start by gently scraping the stain, without damaging the jeans, with the spoon or knife. This will remove most of the dry paint. Then put a few drops of white spirit on cotton wool. Test the back of the jeans to make sure it doesn't discolour, then rub the cotton over the paint. Put the garment in the washing machine to wash as you normally would. Then let it air dry or put it in the dryer. This grandma's trick will easily get rid of dry paint stains on your favourite jeans. But the easiest way is to wear clothes that are safe when painting! This will save you time when cleaning.

How do you remove a paint stain from wool?

If you've stained your wool jumper while painting a picture, no worries! Start by filling a bowl with clear water, then add a few drops of ammonia and Marseille soap. Mix well, then dip a microfibre cloth into the bowl to soak it in this natural cleaning solution. Rub the soiled area with the cloth, moistening the wool well so that the product penetrates the fibres. This will absorb all the paint. Then let your garment air dry.

How do you clean stained paint from satin or silk?

Satin and silk are particularly fragile textiles. You must therefore be very careful when cleaning them, so as not to damage them. Whether you have stained them with water-based paint or oil-based paint, let them soak for an hour in a mixture of water, sugar and white vinegar. This will gradually thin the paint. Then rinse your silk or satin garment thoroughly with clean water.

Ideally, leave it to dry in the open air: the tumble dryer could cause it to shrink!