How to defrost a fridge?

August 25th at 5:57am

It is important to defrost your fridge regularly, in order to keep it working properly and to limit bad smells. Frost is created inside the fridge when warm, humid air enters it (every time you open the fridge). The presence of frost forces the refrigerator's motor to work continuously in order to keep the appliance at the right temperature. The life of your fridge is therefore gradually reduced.

How to defrost the fridge by leaving it open?

This is the most commonly used technique for defrosting your fridge. However, it is also the most time-consuming. Start by placing several towels on the floor, to catch any water that will run off. Also empty the fridge and put all your food in a cooler. Then unplug the appliance and open the door wide.

If the door tends to close by itself, consider wedging it open with something. Warm air from outside will rush into the fridge, gradually reducing the frost layer. Don't hesitate to use a wooden spatula to speed up the process. Be careful not to use a sharp object that could scratch the walls of the fridge! Remove the ice blocks yourself when they start melting.

When the fridge is completely empty, soak a microfibre cloth with white vinegar to wipe the fridge’s walls and remove all bad smells.

How to quickly defrost your fridge with a pan of hot water?

If you find that the first solution is not fast enough, you can speed up the defrosting of your fridge by putting a pan filled with boiling water inside.

To do this, take a towel, fold it into quarters to protect the fridge shelf, and place the pan on top. When it comes into contact with the cold air that is still in the fridge, the boiling water will produce steam that will melt the frost very quickly. Of course, you must close the fridge door to make the process more efficient. Don't forget to put cloths and mops under the appliance to absorb all the water that is running off. Otherwise, you are not safe from flooding!

Open the door from time to time to remove ice blocks and pieces of frost.

How to defrost a fridge with a hair dryer?

The hot water technique is very effective in melting ice. By the way, the hair dryer technique works a little bit on the same principle. It is the heat that melts the ice faster than expected.

To do this, unplug the fridge and open the door. Once again, place sponge towels on your floor to catch all the water. Then plug in your hairdryer and get ready to give your fridge a blow-dry! You need to place the hairdryer at least 30 cm from the fridge wall and then switch it on to blow hot air onto the ice. Be careful not to place it too close, it may cause damage to the appliance. The wall should remain warm, not hot. Remove the pieces of ice that come off little by hand, in order to accelerate the defrosting of the fridge.

What is the fastest method to defrost your fridge?

There is also defrosting spray, a particularly effective product to get rid of the ice and frost clogging the fridge in just a few minutes.

This is the preferred solution for people who don't have much time. Be careful, however, to remove all the food from the fridge, as the defrosting agent could contaminate it. Once the shelves are empty, spray the walls with the product to melt the ice. When you’re done, remember to rinse the product off using a sponge and soapy water. If you don't, the spray could leave bad odours in the compartment.

How do you remove bad odours at the same time?

Take advantage of this great defrosting to deodorise your fridge. For example, you can place a cup containing three large spoonfuls of baking soda on one of the shelves to absorb the bad smells.

If you want to give the interior a pleasant scent at the same time, add a few drops of essential oil (citrus, peppermint, eucalyptus, etc.) to the baking soda. You can also clean the inside and outside of the fridge with white vinegar. Use a microfibre cloth or an absorbent wipe for this. Then leave a bowl containing 20 cl of white vinegar in the bottom of the fridge at all times.